Domestic | Commercial | Bespoke Cleaning Services for the Office & Home 



We offer a wide range of office cleaning services.  Please contact us to ask about any special services your office of your home may require. Sustainability, recycling and protecting the environment is our top priority


  • Removal of all garbage and recycling

  • Reception area cleanup

  • Equipment cleanup

  • Kitchen cleanup

  • Lavatory cleanup and sanitising

  • Wiping down of all surface areas (desks, tabletops, counters)

  • Windows and glass cleaning (inside only, as needed)

  • Sweeping and mopping of floors

  • Hoovering

  • Removal of all dust

  • Bespoke Requests 



Our deep cleaning services are tailored to your space.  We will get into the overlooked nooks and crannies and find grime you didn't even know was there.  We will send a team and even your most high-traffic areas will look as good as when you first moved in.



We offer day porters to help your company on-site during business hours with tasks such as conference room setup and cleanup, recycling, event setup and cleanup, and other tasks as needed to keep your space tidy throughout the day.


We offer expert detailed glass cleaning for your office's interior glass windows and walls.  

We recommend this in-depth service for most spaces on at least a monthly basis.



Our team includes several floor buffing experts, ready to spiff up your non-carpeted floors such as hardwood, concrete, marble, tile, linoleum.  We recommend this service for most spaces on at least a quarterly basis.






Complete checklist of our cleaning services

General cleaning:

All rooms

  • Corners (web removal)

  • Vacuum cleaning

  • Shelves are dusted

  • Furniture is dusted

  • Floors are mopped

  • Window’s sills are wiped

  • Trash bins emptied

  • Laundry area is dusted and wiped

  • Baseboards


Living room and bedroom

  • Make beds

  • Furniture and decorations dusted

  • Stairs are vacuumed



  • Sinks are cleaned and wiped

  • Countertops are cleaned

  • Mirrors and shining fixtures are cleaned and wiped

  • Shower, bath and toilet are cleaned



  • Fridge, oven and dishwasher are cleaned from outside

  • Sink and faucet are cleaned and wiped

  • Microwave is cleaned inside and outside

  • Countertops are cleaned

  • Stove top and stove fan are cleaned and grease-free


Move in/Move out: 

Includes everything from general cleaning, plus:

  • inside appliances

  • inside cabinets (kitchen and bathrooms)

  • windows and door tracks cleaned

  • blinds dusted

  • fans dusted

  • interior doors cleaned


Before and after party cleaning:

Please choose the size of your home on the online booking form and add ‘deep cleaning’ extra from the list of icons.

If you need also your patio to be cleaned or have some specific requests, please call us for an estimate or just chat with us online (chat located in the bottom right corner).

Our team is very professional, they will listen to your needs and will adjust based on your requirements. Just explain them what is your main goal and what picture you have in your head. They will do miracles!


We offer additional services for a fee:

  • Patio cleaning 

  • Balcony cleaning 

  • Inside fridge 

  • Inside oven 

  • Window cleaning 

  • Windows + Blinds cleaning Combo

  • Laundry (if you have washer/dryer in the house) or we can arrange a dry cleaning and laundry service through our concierge services

  • Deep cleaning of walls 

  • One off cleaning services 

  • Bespoke Services 


Please use online chat (bottom right corner) call or email us to discuss your requirements. 

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