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Concierge Service in Dublin

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Concierge service in Dublin

What a concierge can do for you

Errand running can be relentless. And as a business owner your time is limited. Why not buy-back a little extra time? Whether to use it for more important work or for your own leisure. One of our professional Concierges will be able to ease the load. Tailored to your schedule and needs.

The benefits of a concierge

A concierge is often an individual with expertise. Hotel bookings, travel arrangements, translation if required. All these things can be handled with the highest level of professionalism from a concierge. A local concierge to a city you’re traveling to will provide an immense amount of help. You will have the benefit of not just their expertise in delivering outstanding service, but their invaluable experience of understanding the areas they know, and not just where they know but who they know. They may have the ability to gain exclusive access to particular venues.

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  • How a Concierge Works

  • Lifestyle Management / Personal Concierge duties of a…

  • How a Travel Concierge can help

  • What is a luxury, lifestyle or executive concierge?

  • What is concierge customer service?

What is Concierge Service?

Companies and private individuals specialised in personal assistance services; these would help you as long as it stays within the legal boundaries. They are concierge service providers; here it follows.

What is a Concierge?

The responsibilities and meaning of the word concierge has changed over some time. However, a concierge is a person or an organisation that specialises in providing personal assistance for example: transportation, booking flights, household management, holiday planning, appointments with doctors and trainers, lifestyle management to VIP clients such as CEO, high-level managers, celebrities, and wealthy people.

By personal assistance, I mean that the concierge personals outsource the required service for their clients. The concierge aims to save time, effort, and energy of the client. In return, they charge different prices from their clients, and the price varies from client to client and the amount of service they provide.

Duties of a Concierge

The duties and responsibilities of a concierge will vary from situation to situation. Some of the main duties of a concierge include;

  • Making reservations at the hotels and restaurants, and buying tickets for their clients.

  • Collect information about the night club, person, hotel, or a place and provide it to the client.

  • Taking care of travel arrangements, and making appointments with the doctor, trainer, or other specialists.

  • Mail, luggage, and delivery management

  • Handling office duties

  • Performing difficult and unusual tasks of their clients like hot-air-balloon rides

  • Finding any lost items of the client

How does a Concierge Work?

Some people think that only wealthy and rich people can afford concierge, it’s nothing but far from the truth. Concierge falls under the category of the luxury industry. However, technology has changed the jobs, roles, timing, and responsibilities of various professions.

Some professionals are so much in to their work. When they get some time off from their busy routine, they don’t want to waste it planning and waiting in the lobby. They want to enjoy the little time from their work, instead of planning for it. The business model of a concierge targets the needs and requirements of such people.

In the past, the role of concierge was limited to the reservation of hotels and restaurants. But now the scope of the concierge service industry consists of many activities like; shopping assistance, holidays and travel planning, hotel selection, booking appointments with different professionals, etc.

Since different concierges are offering various services to their clients. Hence the business model of every concierge service would differ. For instance, some concierge will deal with customer issues, some deal with employer-employee relationships, some handle travel, and holiday arrangement, and some provide you personal assistance regarding lifestyle management.

Personal Concierge

The role of personal concierge comprises various tasks for example; paying household bills, housekeeping, organising events, booking reservations at hotels and restaurants, moving stuff through relocation, etc.

As long as the work you do is legal, then it would fall under the category of a personal concierge. You can hire a personal concierge either on a monthly salary basis or on per tasks and project basis. The difference between a personal concierge and other concierges is that a personal concierge assists their clients at home or anywhere, wherever the client needs.

Hotel Concierge

Hotel concierge, as the name implies, assists the wealthy clients at the hotel. It is also one of the earliest and oldest forms of the concierge role. The main duties of a hotel concierge are to make reservations, order transportation, purchase tickets, security, celebrate with you, resolve your travel issues, keep your room in order, and help you with your needs.

Travel Concierge

A travel concierge is the person that provides personal travel assistance to their clients. This type of concierge service also falls in the category of a personal concierge, because it helps you to make your travelling comfortable and adventurous. They also do travelling chores for you especially when you’re too busy to do it by yourself.

When tourists are visiting places abroad, then they need an instant guide to move around the place and communicate with the locals. That’s where the role of travel concierge comes in because they are the local person who is very well familiar with the local norms and willing to assist 24/7 through your travels.

Lifestyle Concierge

A lifestyle concierge provides you assistance in all areas of lifestyle and creates balance in your personal and professional life. So that you would be able to focus on the important things, give more time to your family, and perform better at work.

Celebrities, CEOs, and highly busy people usually hire a lifestyle concierge to create balance in their lives. The role of a lifestyle concierge is to do chores on your behalf and outsource your personal and professional tasks.

The Future of Concierge Service Business

Internet, technology, and mobile apps have reshaped the whole functionality of the concierge service industry. Nowadays, a person hires their concierge from anywhere else in the world and they would make a hotel reservation, book flights, and arrange his life schedule remotely.

Technology has made a virtual concierge cheaper. Now middle-income personals can also afford to have personal concierges. Google Assistant, Haptik, Assist, Alexa are some of the mobile applications that help you manage your text messages, plan your schedule, build conversation, and help you shop.

It is safe to say that technology has increased the demand and supply of the concierge service business, and its future is bright.

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