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The Challanges Of Growing Our Successful Cleaning Company

Pros Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

Professional Cleaning Products

Professionally Trained

Invoicing / Vat Registered

Cover for sick leave


Booking Systems

Online Secure Payments

Cleaning Supervisors




RED FLAGS - Some of the issues I have come across in this industry while trying to find the right people for the team - Finding the right people has been our biggest challenge

Here are some con’s to watch out for when hiring a cleaner – Red Flags

Letting someone into your home that you have no details for

No ID / No Address / No Comeback

Confirming visa to work available – then not being available when requested

Difficulty in communicating

Chemicals used for cleaning can be dangerous if not used correctly

Difficulty understanding instructions

No process if anything goes missing

No Accountability / No Shows / Ghosting

Communication issues

Not understanding directions

Lateness due to transport

No references available

No H&S Training

No Processes

No Training

No Experience

No Cleaning products

Cash Payments only

Not Long term

No insurance

No Hover

No Transport



Ghosts – Disappear when things go wrong

Example – A Few Shockers That I Came Across

I asked one person at an interview what they used to clean people's homes and they showed me a picture of black mold cleaner – and they have a few cloth's that they used to clean the entire home all surfaces – using cloth's on bathrooms / then on kitchens – and not washing before moving to clean another home. – Cross Contamination Hazard

Not listening during training / no interest in understanding cleaning processes and chemicals – Hazard

Washing the floor with a mop and not sweeping or hoovering the floor first – Just common sense

No Hover / no transport/communication issues – has been another challenge.

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