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Our Services 

Affordable | Efficient | Approachable Service 


We provide tailored Virtual & Personal Assistant services across Dublin & Ireland including Personal & Virtual Assistance,  Concierge Services, Errand Running, Personal Shopping, Event Management, Office & Facility Management, IT Support, Travel Booking, & Bespoke Services to business & personal customers. 


Our service is flexible and pay as you go when you need us. 

Who Uses Our Services 

People from all walks of life use our services from busy families to businesses, companies of one to large organisations. We give you back the gift of time so you can focus on what's important to you.

Make A Change

Introduce Personal to your life and watch the magic happen. We’ve got talent on tap, and calibre on call. We have a vast amount of valued contacts across every industry and we always know the right person to call to get the job done. 

Reclaim Your Free Time... Because you have better things to do...

Give yourself the gift of time you can spend doing what you do best, allocate more time to family, your health,

wellbeing or just to do the things you love.

Never Look Back 

Once people experience the benefits of working with Personal they never look back. Were here when you need us.

Need Something Special? We Take Requests...

Specialist Skills: 

  • Travel Booking 

  • Virtual Assistance 

  • Personal Assistance 

  • Event Management 

  • Event Assistance 

  • Project Management

  • Errand-Running Services 

  • Office Management 

  • Facility Management 

  • Temporary & Holiday Cover 

  • Social Media Management 

  • IT Services 

  • Home Services 

  • Website Creation 

  • SEO & Optimisation 

  • Content Creation 

  • General Administration 

  • Bespoke Services

  • We Love Challange!