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October 31, 2019

Why Hire an Errand Runner Well, the simplest reason is you need to...


If you are a person who has a busy lifestyle, you would not want your weekends or time outside the office running errands. Doing so would only leave you tired — and stressed.

Hiring errand runners to do the tasks that you can afford to delegate would save you the time and the headache of having to deal with stuff on your to do list that you just can't get to. 


These are the best reasons why you should hire an errand runner:

  • Your errand runner can wait at home for deliveries when your unavailable. 

  • He or she can take care of your pets if you cannot fit it in your schedule.

  • You can have your errand runner help you prepare for your business or social events.

  • Help with Party Planning & Social Events. 

  • You can ask your errand runner to wait in line and purchase those pair of shoes or the latest gadget that you have been waiting for.

Types of Errand Service

Depending on your needs, you can hire errand runners to do most chores for you. At a reasonable cost of hiring them per hour, you can get your errands done while letting you focus on your work or giving yourself time to relax.


Senior Errand Running Service

The most popular type of errand running is for seniors. 

Common senior errand services include:

  • Arranging an online delivery service for groceries

  • Helping set up skype etc so you can contact your relatives if you are living abroad

  • Arranging appointments

  • Arranging Pet care / dog walking / veterinary visits etc 



Most common business-related errands are:

  • Sending and receiving packages and mail

  • Delivering meals and snacks

  • Venue Preparation / Events Organisation

  • Supporting Personal Assistants when they are too busy - collecting passports and visa's etc 

  • Help with a new office project

  • Project Management 

  • Event Support 

  • Setting up board meetings and other meetings 

  • PA Cover 

Personal Errand Running Services

Common personal errand running services include:

  • Party or event preparation

  • Grocery shopping

  • Arranging for Dry-cleaning & Laundry pickup and drop-off

  • Pet sitting or trips to the veterinarian

  • Basic house maintenance / de-cluttering / organisation projects in the home

  • Gift shopping and wrapping

  • Meal ordering services 

  • Moving services: packing or unpacking

  • Arranging car wash / repairs or dog groomers to come to your home

You can have a mail errand service do the following:

  • Pick up a package from your house or another location and have it delivered anywhere

  • Pick up a delivered package addressed to you

  • Have letters/ postcards/ brochures/ thank you cards etc. prepared and sent in bulk

Waiting Service

For most people who have to be at work at a certain time, waiting at home for the plumber, cable guy, or repairmen is not an option. However, this should not block you from getting the services you need. as such, hiring a waiting service can help you a great deal.


Line Sitting Service

One of the hottest forms of errand running services today is the professional line sitters. With the way companies and brands provide special offers and discounts to the people who are first in line to buy their products, it is no wonder that people wait in line for hours before the store opens.


Line sitters are willing to wait in line for:

  • Tickets for shows, concerts, etc when not available online

  • Purchasing in-demand or first-time release products like cell phones, shoes, etc


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