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November 23, 2019



We caught up with the team at www.personalassistant.ie to find out more about life in the Business Support & Lifestyle Concierge industry and what a typical day might entail. 



Why do people choose PersonalAssistant.ie?


Because they have too much to do and not enough time. No matter what the task is, if they need an hour a week or a day of our time we are here to support them. We are passionate about customer service and organisation and continuously raise the bar in customer service excellence to provide the best service and solutions to our clients.



Which aspects of the job do you find the most rewarding?


We love meeting the different types of clients we get from busy families, working mothers, tourists visiting Ireland, business travellers, managing directors, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and people from many other countries and walks of life, We all need a helping hand sometimes. We actually work with a lot of receptionists, executives assistants and office managers to support them when they have too much to do and not enough time.



What are the most exciting elements of your work? 


Events for sure. We have a passion for events and we love creating unforgettable experiences for people to enjoy from intimate party planning and dinners to Christmas parties for a small group or massive organisations.



You work with VIPS and Royalty at Personal Assistant.ie. Have you ever been starstruck?


I generally don’t get starstruck as I like to treat everyone the same, and I’m usually up to my eyes getting stuff done.


We work with a lot of third party agencies and companies from all around the world and do a lot of VIP meet and greets at the airport where we take care of people from the moment they step off the plane. Sometimes we don’t know who it’s going to be until the very last minute and some of our younger team members have been at a loss for words on being faced with their favourite YouTube star or a performer. The majority of our clients tend to be global leaders from the business world.



What’s your superpower? 


If I could have a real superpower it would be teleportation and healing but we are not superheroes just hard workers who love doing what we do, so I guess the superpower of personalassistant.ie would have to be PERSISTANCE.



Can you describe a typical day? 


There is no typical day at PersonalAssistant.ie which is what is so exciting about it. Yesterday I did some personal shopping in Brown Thomas for an international client who couldn’t find the perfect gift for his wife anywhere else in Europe. There was only one pair of the perfect shoes left so I got the call. The experience of buying Chanel is amazing.


After that I had to go and collect some important documents. Armed with the shoes and the documents it was off to DHL to courier them to their respective destinations. 


On the way home I had to pick up a vegan birthday cake that I ordered for a director who had forgotten about his wife’s birthday and wanted to surprise her.


The rest of my morning was spent in front of the computer providing virtual assistance to my corporate and lifestyle assistance clients booking flights and making reservations, setting up board meetings, lunches and streamlining household and personal tasks.


In the afternoon myself & my partner who is the Managing Director of WestTech Technologies www.westtech.ie, had a meeting with a new client to discuss the IT fit of their new office in the city centre. I’ve been helping my client search for a new premises for a few weeks and we have finally found the perfect location. 


We are actually fitting a Personal Assistant.ie Concierge desk in the new office with a full time Concierge Assistant for the staff to improve their work life balance and streamline office support services. This is a really exciting project setting a new standard for offices in Dublin and we hope to be popping up around the city in many other office locations in future.  


I spent the rest of the day arranging tasks for the next day for our team of errand runners and personal assistants and finished up by arranging a few small conferences and Christmas parties. The festive season is one of our busiest times of the year.


For more info on Personal Assistant.ie see their website at  





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