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Microsoft Business Premium

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Business Professionals rely on essential services such as Microsoft Business Premium License to increase their productivity. By using Office 365 for business, one can achieve better efficiency, save time and enhance security protection.

Let’s take a closer look at What will you get with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Licence:

Microsoft offers cloud-based features for all the tools which you can access anytime anywhere. It allows you to work on Word, Excel, Exchange, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Teams, OneDrive, teams for business and so much more with endless creativity.

“Premium” Feature:

Now a days, keeping your PC/ laptop safe from sophisticated malware is the focus of every IT professional. For that, Microsoft Business Premium Licence comes with many beneficial features and functionalities. There is Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 as well as Microsoft Defender Guard. Through Exchange Online Archiving, you also get to protect as well as backup your data.

Prime Benefits of Microsoft Business Premium Licence:

Safe and Secure Cloud Storage

As it comes with robust security measures including two-factor authentication, it gives to you total security over your data access and there is nothing that will get it to breach. Even if there is any security threat, the system shall immediately detect and stop it in order to protect your device and data.

So if you deal with confidential information throughout your business, we recommend you choose the Business Premium package.

Access from Anywhere Anytime 365

Prime benefit of being a cloud-based tool, it can be conveniently access anytime from anywhere with the help of a live internet connection. As of now, we all have been working from remotely.

Cloud can be accessed from anywhere anytime and you can continue your work.

Improved Collaboration

With many other sync features, collaboration of Calendars, Contacts, Mailboxes, Teams Channels&Documents has become easier than ever. For an organization, sharing a common calendar would let everyone know about everyone’s availability on daily basis. Along with that, same mailbox can be accessed by multiple users and that lets you share data easily and hassle free.

Smart Backup

With latest technologies being introduced each day, there are many ways to back up your data. You will receive regular automatic backup and related updates which will keep all your data safe and secure. So, you do not need to worry over coffee spilled over your laptop – because your data already a backup.

Expanded Storage Capacity

Having more storage is considered a luxury these days, and the same luxury is being offered with the premium license by Microsoft.

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